"This is a school that merges the best educational philosophies from the East and the West. I would like our school to be a place where students are anxious to attend, feel very comfortable, and a place that they are reluctant to leave. I hope each of our students finds the school a place where they can demonstrate their talents, be happy, and to realize personal and individual growth."

Pengzhi Liu, Head of School

Welcome from the Head of School

pengzhi liuPrinceton International School of Mathematics and Science (PRISMS) is a forward-looking international school. Incorporating the best educational theories and practices of China and the US, the school prides itself on its strong, unique leadership and excellent teachers. In an effort to deepen Sino-US educational exchange and be forward-looking, PRISMS provides a nurturing and vibrant environment for outstanding talents worldwide.

The orchid of spring, the lotus of summer, the chrysanthemum of autumn, and the plum blossom of winter-each possesses its own beauty and strengths. Just as China is graced with the Yangtze, the United States with the Mississippi, Egypt with the Nile, and Russia with the Volga, these rivers share similar geographical elements, but their unique and nuanced differences forge each nation's distinctive features and splendor. Nature thrives on diversity and values the richness of variety; the same principle applies to human society, where the diversity of our social norms mirrors the landscape that surrounds us.

Therefore, when it comes to our international school's development, our priority is to respect and reflect diversity in our educational approaches. On this foundation, our community communicates, interacts, learns, and grows. Throughout history and across cultures, the ideas of the world's educational pioneers, each possessing unique advantages and wisdom, have not been and are not bound by geographical boundaries. PRISMS has attracted not only outstanding Heads of School from both China and the US but also a great number of exceptional and talented early- and mid-career teachers. We believe a team such as ours, composed of members from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds and pioneering the integration of the essence of Eastern and Western educational philosophies, will open a new chapter in the history of human development.

We are a STEM school, and while we value science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, we place equal emphasis on the cultivation of students' abilities in world languages, the humanities and arts, leadership, and other areas critical to a young person's growth. We hope each of our students will become exceptional through comprehensive development that yields distinctive strengths, an innovative spirit, and a noble character.

Education is essential to the happiness of communities everywhere and serves the welfare of all humankind. Our educators happily give their time and energy to the students at PRISMS, as they all wish for them the best life in a safe world, which is fundamentally at the heart of education shared by humanity everywhere. In pursuit of this goal, we go forward, continuously innovating and cooperating with sincerity towards a shared vision of the future. We believe that the seeds we sow today will bloom tomorrow into beautiful flowers and yield abundant fruit, benefiting our children and contributing to the peace, development, and shared prosperity of the world.

Pengzhi Liu

Head of School

Welcome from the Principal

Matthew PearceAt the Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science (PRISMS), we offer our students a comprehensive education focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We want our students to have well-rounded personalities with independent and inquiring minds, as well as a positive, tolerant, and ethical attitude. We inspire our youth to find joy in the prospect of discovery through an academic program that nurtures the research process.

By the time our students leave this school, we expect them to have a true sense of confidence and self-worth that will empower them to pursue not only personal interests but also goals that would benefit their community and society at large. In this way, they will use their knowledge in a benevolent manner with respect and care for their environment and the people around them. By understanding and respecting the differences in others they can address local and global problems in a creative and ethical manner.

The hallmarks of any true researcher are honesty and open-mindedness in the pursuit of unbiased knowledge. In its primal form, research is the search for truth and understanding of the world around us and how we relate to that world. By probing our boundaries, we can generate and illuminate powerful ideas. It is our aim to nurture this natural curiosity that is innate in all human beings.

Matthew Pearce


Mission Statement

Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science immerses a multi-cultural, self-motivated student body in an integrated STEM-centered curriculum and a research program that identifies and develops each student's potential. Our approach promotes critical thinking, imagination, and deep curiosity, and enables students to ask meaningful questions and to contribute to a diverse and dynamic world.

Core Beliefs

We believe the following:

Graduate Profile

PRISMS graduates excel in a complex world because during their time at school, they develop: