College Counseling

The US college application process has changed profoundly in the past 4 years, bearing little resemblance to the system we used to apply to college in the past. There are many reasons for this, the biggest of which is the proliferation of different ranking systems which has created an artificial need for all colleges to appear “selective”, changing the college admissions process from being educationally focused to a process driven by a business model. Most parents and students don’t realize this. In a true sense, they are blind as they enter this process.

It is rare to find deep college admissions experience in high schools, and at PRISMS, we bring 40+ years of experience. We are uniquely qualified to demystify this confusing system and help students navigate it effectively and with great success, working together to help students find the right universities for them.

With a careful one-step-at-a-time application process over time, we avoid the anxious frenzy that usually accompanies applying to college. Working within our own PRISMS culture of curiosity, inquiry and self-development, our students learn that college is just the next step in a long life and that there is no ‘perfect school’. They grow into young adults with a more mature understanding of themselves, ready to move into the world with confidence and grace.

Meet The College Counseling Team


Marilee Jones

Dean of College Counseling

Marilee comes from the world of private college admissions, having served as long time former Dean of Admissions at MIT with myriad connections across the college admissions landscape. She understands the real pressures that admissions officers feel as they work hard to create a class, and she teaches our students the rules that guide the college admissions business, helping them understand that all colleges are different from each other and therefore look for different kinds of people. One size does not fit all.


Eugene Mok

School Counselor

Eugene received his Ed.M and Certificate of Advanced Study in school counseling from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He supports our students as they navigate their academic and personal development, helping them develop learning strategies, habits of success, long-term goals, and a personalized four-year plan for college readiness.


Students focus on developing successful academic and life habits so that they are prepared for the right of passage into adulthood that is the college admissions application. Students participate in seminars on how to develop personal agency and to anticipate the challenges of the future. Talk about college is purposefully avoided so that students can focus on their personal development.


Students begin a full-year seminar course where they are given an overview of the college admissions process and educated on how to navigate the business of college admissions. Students learn about types of colleges, how to pick colleges, writing effective essays, asking for letters of recommendation, handling interviews, and more.


Students have individual meetings with the college counseling team and receive continuous, personalized support throughout the fall and winter to develop their college lists, create a timeline, polish essays, and strengthen and submit applications. Students attend in-school college representative visits to learn more about their college options.