Residential Life

Life in a boarding school should reflect the values of the school, and PRISMS is no exception. Students who live here, while supervised by a dedicated dorm staff, are encouraged to gain a level of independence that will serve them well in college. To this end, they learn to keep their rooms neat, develop a strong work ethic, and respect the significance of the school community.

When the academic day ends, lessons in personal responsibility continue: Visitors to the PRISMS campus will see students doing laundry, tutoring each other, participating in on-campus sports, and signing up for off-campus trips. While we certainly recognize the importance of the academic life, we also recognize the importance of taking a break from it. Our students are lucky to live between the two cultural centers of New York and Philadelphia, which contribute to the vibrancy of the university town right down the road.

Balancing the rigors of classwork with the recognition that PRISMS is a student’s home away from home, we teach by example, and strive to help our students create friendships and memories which will last a lifetime.